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and the dignity with which she handled that cruel cancer. i remember somehow she never complained. never said a bad word. never judged the friend who should have called more often. just grateful he called at all and left it at that. you can tell a lot about a person how they handle bad stuff in life. there are those who i shake my head at. those like my mom, again i'm biased who prefer to leave it without a bad word out of their mouth. i am biased but this fellow would do well mom, his old friend and how she smiled through the greater pain. he would say preach about it on tv. i told him i would do that. hope leg gets the message. do so tonight, hoping the rest of us never forget that message.
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simple message. from a simple woman. my mom who was right. life is short, that doesn't mean we have to be. that's why i have a problem with negative people. it's in my blood. good night. >> greg: hello. i'm greg gutfeld with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, she snacks on live butterflies, dana perino. it's 45:00 in new york city. you know -- it's 5:00 in new york city. you know the drill. ♪ ♪ >> greg: thanks to oprah we learned a key lesson. even cycling scandals are boring. bike racing hasn't been a sport of interest since never. this is like finding out last year's finnish archery championships are fixed. bicycles are what you ride when you are a kid. logic and common sense argue most if not all of armendariz's competition was
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juicing, still is. armstrong was singled out because he won. armstrong's great mistake was not being french. he'd be a national hero. lance is a jerk who hurt colleagues and lived a lie. dana perino can be forgiven so why not lance? confession in my tetherball career i was juicing constantly. mostly capri sun. for judgmental media, remember your job enhancement. every eder to i know dopeed too, they called it booze and adderall. lance armstrong, even the guy's name is on steroids. i'm mad oprah didn't give away free bicycles. >> you spelled adderoll wrong. >> greg: the american public doesn't know that. i want to bring this up.
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charity, great to shield bad behavior. level's angels collected teddy bears. they aren't so bad. but they're hell's angels or the mafia does charity. was he sin can enough to use charity to shield his dark deeds, the way obama used kids and his political motivation. >> eric: you're so hypocritical. thank god you did that monologue. no one cares about cycling then you tell me is a bad guy for lying about cycling. not a likable guy. he wasn't apologetic or remorseful. he helped raise $500 million for cancer. he didn't do it so he could be, hide his hoping and cycling. >> are you sure? >> eric: let me get it straight. he didn't have to come clean or have to admit to it.
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he may never have to come clean. >> greg: i don't think it's a scheme. mutually beneficial. >> eric: you're saying a charity as a scheme to provide doping. >> greg: i am starting my own charity love for unicorns in case i get a scandal. >> dana: what color will the bracelet be? >> greg: rainbow. >> bob: but the whispering about it, he was dopeed this is before he started the charity. the answer he gave oprah on the preview, something she didn't get what she expected, this comes up with more one and two-word answers than anybody i have seen. i don't think the interview did him much good. >> andrea: i like the one-word answers. that was the strategy not having him give mealy-mouth
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explanations and she opened it well asking yes or no and getting the questions we want to know right out of the gate. i do think there is something up with the charity. he admitted in the interview he didn't think he was doing anything wrong. he didn't consider it cheating so he is a total sociopath. he used it for fame, notoriety. he loved the power. >> eric: he had seven jerseys. he could have done anything. juicing football players or baseball players, hollywood, start restaurants. he helped 2.5 million people with cancer and research and training, et cetera. >> greg: that is a fair point but it enabled it. it take your point and i think you are right. it helps millions of people and raised millions of
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dollars. but it enabled it to go on. >> eric: fine, everyone should do the same thing. all of you morons in hollywood start a charity. >> greg: you have changed my mind. get dana in this. she has strong feelings toward cycling. >> dana: i barely reach the pedals. >> greg: we'll show a clip and you can comment on it. a lot of talk shows do that. >> dana: that sounds great. >> did you of take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance. >> yes. >> was one of them epo? >> yes. >> did you ever blood dope or use blood transfusions to enhance your cycling performance? >> yeah. >> cort zone or human growth hormone? >> yes. >> in all seven of your tour de france victories did you ever take banned substances or blood dope? >> yes. >> greg: dana you were crushed when you heard this.
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>> dana: yeah, right. oprah was great. she prepares for interviews very well. i'm unabashed oprah fan. i can understand why they want to go with oprah but they make a mistake. everybody makes a mistake if they think oprah is an easy interview. she is not. i can see where he says he's forth wright. he answers with the one word answers, yes. but what surprised her, they said they were riveted they expected that the team sold this as a big apology and come out and everybody will go okay, we feel for him and forgive him. that is not what happened? can i make a point about the livestrong, the charity? you know what they didnode put out fundraising i peel saying it was never about lance, send us more money to continue on. i thought today was the right day to do that. >> greg: they are trying to make a point they have to move on. i am disgusted you would bring
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it up. >> bob: i agree with what andrea said. you listen to his answers if he could have won without cheating, i don't know that i have a great answer. i'll start my answer by saying it is too late. that is the weaker answer. i don't know if anyone around the table with the exception of me and maybe you, used juice. >> andrea: wow! a lot of admissions here. >> greg: talking about juice? >> bob: steroids. >> greg: did you use steroids? >> eric: never. never once. you did? >> bob: yeah, sure. >> eric: when you were playing, steroids weren't around. gin and juice in your day. >> bob: taken by injection but it was juice. >> andrea: don't you hope lance is hoping for people to say things he did do good? this is the masterful plan.
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he is doing this coto compete in triathlon's, the next goal. minimize lawsuits which i don't think will work. he is total psycho. he talks about i was a bully that i tried to control the narrative. he is still trying to control the narrative. a control freak. then he says i'm flawed, deeply flawed. but don't we all have our own flaws? no, lance, we're not like you. we are not all like you. >> eric: why are we talking about that? not talking about it because we care or give a rat's ass about cycling. but here is an iconic american figure he held up in esteem and it turns out that he cheated -- >> greg: i never held him up in esteem. >> dana: a multimillionaire based on lies, bullying and trying to make other people's lives hell on earth while here. one thing he said last night was the woman that was wife of his teammate, okay, yes, i did call her dumb. i did call her crazy. i did call her the "b" word. but i didn't call her fat.
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he makes a smirk and you think what a jerk. >> greg: that angered you more than the juicing. >> dana: yeah. >> bob: down side is he did introduce cycling to america, which led to all the euro trash outfits that led to people riding around at 5:00 -- >> andrea: but he was the ambassador to europe. now they're in the cafes going see, he -- >> bob: who cared about cycling before he came along? maybe a few afterwards. >> eric: i lost a mother and sister to cancer. they loved lance armstrong. not because of it,be but because he was a cyclist but it was because he beat cancer and fought off a disease. there are people out there stricken with cancer -- >> dana: tony snow wore the livestrong bracelet every day he was press secretary.
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we wore it for him. it was based on a lie. he became rich, famous, every comfort in the world. the bost doctors in the world. great, the charity -- >> eric: my sister and my mother didn't look to lance armendariz because he won tour de frances but he beat testicular and brain cancer. >> dana: i understand. >> bob: who would have known that -- >> dana: it's unfair to say people criticizing him for what he did don't care about people of cancer. my grand parents died of cancer. >> greg: we bring up cancer. my dad died of cancer before there was lance armstrong. >> eric: i'm not bringing up sympathy. i'm saying he raised $500 million for cancer. >> andrea: my father passed away from cancer and if he heard about what he was doing my father would say forget him, i don't want his money. he's a disgrace. >> bob: nobody in my family ever had cancer. maybe that's why we're liberal. i don't know. >> greg: it's the medications you used. >> bob: that is for sure. beginning with steroids.
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and adderoll. next up. >> greg: coming up, another athlete mired in controversy. manti teo on the linebacker who might have invented a dame or might not have. who knows? next on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watcng. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and en treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero hearurn. ♪
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♪ >> andrea: well, lance armstrong, tiger woods, michael vic, pete rose, barry bonds, joe paterno, the list goes on and on. and now, manti teo. all hero heros in the sports wod who have fallen from grace. the fans believed in them. kids wanted to be them. so has the culture of deceit turned us in a culture of cynics? or where have all the heroes gone? so eric, you played in sports. you a son. a lot of kids looking at the geis idolize them. last week in baseball, no one admitted to the hall of fame. we have two huge scandals with
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lance and the notre dame linebacker. so is this a thing of the past, winning on your own merit? or now is it commonplace? cheating apologizing, redemption? are there any -- >> eric: you know you can go through history and i'll bet there is no more frequency of occurrences now than there was 20 years ago or 50 years ago. or $100 years ago. this is not relegated to the world of sports. bernie madoff stole $65 million. corporate ceos are getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar. politicians are caught doing bad stuff. we are hearing about it more. unfortunately, though, it does seem, you know, quick congregation. >> andrea: utterance scends sports. politics, wall street. >> eric: bernie madoff wasn't -- >> bob: bernie madoff wasn't seen by a hero. >> eric: he was a hero before he got caught. rock star in wall street.
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>> bob: i can't imagine that. anyway, if you look back at say baseball for example, when i was growing up, i was a big fan of mickey mantle. it was just, my hero, right? the fact was mickey would show up drunk every game he played in. a big boozeer. he would go back to the dugout and smoke cigarettes. that never got out because there weren't enough places for it to be disseminated. now with all the outlets available there is nothing that anybody can do. i don't know if the percentage is higher now than then, but i can go back through sports anyway and you can find people who cheated on boxe boxing. they threw more fights. wrestling always was a scam. i don't know. i'm not ready to buy where have all the heroes gone? i wonder if there was a hero anywhere. >> andrea: how about redemption on that point? martha stewart went to prison, for a crime and redeemed herself. ot forgive, do youcide who to think? >> dana: great question.
2:19 pm
one thing is likability. that's probably what lance armstrong people thought would cur after going on the oprah winfrey show. there is only so much lawyer can prepare for interview. that is who they are. another person never had redemption. remember tanya harding. she never was able to figure out how to bring herself back. martha stewart reinvented herself. i think she has been forgiven by people. >> andrea: speaking of heroes, arnold schwarzenegger has always been a hero to you. he was on "fox and friends" this morning discussing his scandal and his infidelity. take a listen. >> i came very clean with my wife asked me.
2:20 pm
this simple question, this true? i said yes, because the fact is that it's always the hiding and the coverups that get people trouble. you should come clean and you should ask for forgiveness and start over again. >> andrea: but arnold only came out when he was caught, too. nobody comes out and says i have been doing bad things. unless it ends up on the cover of "post." >> greg: the word "sports" comecomes from sportsmanship tht leb rates gamemanship. that is to an end zone dance. not now have be a professional athlete. i blame this on the entertainment world. the squeakiest wheel gets gro gropnies. thigh have to have the car and bling and dog fighting and gun. death of character in sports. what is dying is modesty.
2:21 pm
the great heros in sports were the quiet guys. they never said anything. they are the ones that come in and do the work. not the showoffs celebrating the culture and celebrating showoffs so we end up with the characters. >> bob: you are the squeaky wheel on this show. you have become quite a -- >> andrea: quickly on quiet guys we talked about teo yesterday. he is staying quiet now. a i go that won a lot of accolades and sympathy. this situation gets weirder by the day. now a strait of hormuz article that confirms after he even knew it was a hoax on december 8 and december 9, he acknowledged having a girlfriend. he perpetuated the lie. so i don't think there is any way he could not have known about this. or at least used it to his advantage. >> bob: i don't understand why the university is going to his defense the way they have. you can't read this and figure out somewhere along the line he bought in the scandal. whether he started it or not,
2:22 pm
is not the point. he bought in to it and perpetuated it. if you think of binge coz brie. everybody thought he was a great figure, played a priest. but he was a lousy father he beat his kids. we didn't find out until one of the kids wrote a book about it. >> greg: real heros are people in your life. your family. your spouses, not people on the playing field, who are millionaires and don't know you exist. >> bob: you are all are my heroes. >> greg: you are mine. >> dana: co-hosts. >> greg: i left that out. >> andrea: greg, you are my hero. is bette midler trying to blame ronald reagan for tragedies like newtown i? think so. plus hollywood heavyweight robert redford sounds off on violence in his industry. his comments might surprise you. that's next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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your accent needs a little work.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: attention journalists out there. instead of trying to make conservatives look crazy in the gun debate, how about fair and balanceed debate. including the president. look at the opinion guide i dug up. in 1999, then state senator barack obama had a chance to vote on a bill that clamped down on school shooters specifically aggravated assault with a firearm. what did he do? he voted present. aka, he didn't do his job to protect kids. what is the liberal media doing? instead of fair and balanceed reporting, bob schieffer are running around comparing the nra to usama bin laden and
2:28 pm
adolf hitler. rush limbaugh on that. >> where is the media outrage at bob schieffer comparing obama gun initiative with the civil rights act of 1964. killing bin laden and then the hitler comparison? surely if we can defeat hitler we can wipe out in nra. i mean surely. why does the left get away with this. this is awe tenseably a journalist. >> eric: rush has a point. >> bob: he does not at all. people , a lot of people, including myself think they're thugs. they have intimidated people. if we can defeat the other people, the guys ought to be a piece of cake and they should be. >> eric: group of law-abiding citizens comparing it to bin laden and hitler. >> bob: not the nra membe
2:29 pm
membership. there are fine good people out there. the nra itself. the big nra building and inside that building are real thugs. >> eric: we dug up state bill 759. 5 # state senators voted yea to clamp down on the school shooters. one voted nee and one was present. barack obama in the present vote. >> andrea: voting present is the least courageous thing you can do. i want to respond to what rush said. is bob schieffer a journalist? i don't consider him a journalist. i haven't considered him a journalist in a long time. it's the opinion that comes out of his mouth. if asked why isn't he being held accountable? he is the media. the friends won't hold him accountable for this. south carolina party tick harputleo, in pat lehman in
2:30 pm
kansas in the presidential election compared paul ripe or mitt romney or nikki haley to nazis. all of them. it's commonplace. >> eric: schieffer, should he use the comparison? >> dana: it doesn't make sense anyway. people in hollywood didn't say anything because they agree or they think they can slot in the sunday show slot when bob schieffer retires. >> greg: how you can call the nra thug when that is their job, it's obvious. the national life association. you don't like guns; therefore, you don't like them. you can't call them thugs when they aren't going out to shoot people. they are real thugs. there are 500 murders in chicago. four times the murder rate in philly. who is doing that?
2:31 pm
thugs with handguns that all liberals ne never talk about. >> bob: who is holding you accountable for defending the nra? dabs he holds himself accountable. >> bob: that is a joke. i consider defending nra as people defending hitler. >> greg: so you say a guy that killed 6 million jews and the second amendment are the same thing. >> bob: not at all. not at all. if we could do that we could beat them and stop -- >> greg: put them on the moon. that would be better. >> eric: residents of liberal promised land hollywood chime in on the gun debate also. bette midler tweeted this -- it feels mental health is th --
2:32 pm
>> i started sun dance in 1980. and i remember reagan was shot at. that same year. i remember there was talk about gun control coming up then. >> now it's 30 years later. i agree with carrie it's not only appropriate, but it's overdue to have a dialogue. >> my thought was does my industry think guns will help sell tickets? >> eric: start here. >> greg: when did hollywood get boring? when did robert redford turn in to angela lansbury. and i love her. she is attract tv and sexy. there is a lot of debate over the institutionmization and a lot had to do with patient rights. people felt in the '60s and 'the 70s that the
2:33 pm
institutions were disgusting places. they would be better served in the community. but aclu said they can't tell if they are against the righ rights. the family the safety net is falling apart. why? liberal policies which encouraged the death of the family. >> eric: listen, ronald reagan -- >> bob: listen, he signed the act that emptied out the mental institution. >> andrea: that is false. >> bob: it's right. it's called the letterman short act. in 1967 -- >> no. you and bette need your head examines. maybe not you but maybe her should be ib institutionalized. the number of mentally ill people dropped from 560,000 to 130,000 in '60s long before
2:34 pm
reagan came to play in to this. he did not do that. the gun control law deputizing doctors it's dangerous to make them informant. it should be the family that knows the patient best. >> eric: so on one hand, compare it to hitler and usama bin laden and bette midler said it's reagan's fault. robert redford said reagan as well. >> dana: think if conservatives used that language to describe liberals on the same policies. there would be collective outrage on front page of the papers and demand for people to resign and apologize. when you get, what these folks they say what they say everyone shrugs. take hitler and naz saves after the table. if they want a dialogue, can we take it off the table?
2:35 pm
>> eric: in 1967, reag -- >> bob: in 196 reagan signed a law to allow them out of institution. >> dana: you didn't support the aclu on that? >> bob: i didn't. you want to know why? i won't get into why. >> andrea: why did schieffer use the pronounce "we." that's why he shouldn't say he's a journalist anymore. >> greg: one thing, i wish i could remember the great conservative who said, this that explains all of this. the left thinks the right is evil. the right just thinks the left is wrong. if i remember who said that, tweet me. >> bob: i don't think you're evil. >> eric: they say men are from mars and women have venus. are they right? we break it down next on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ roasting firewood ]
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is the ongoing hostage situation in algeria, still involving some americans. tonight on "special report" we are told at least one american is dead. the u.s. government is now saying, is not yet saying how many more americans may be trapped in the north african country. it is saying it's working with h algeria and other governments to secure the release. we'll get a live update from the pentagon. house republicans meeting in virginia say they will pass a three-month temporary debt limit increase next week. they are also proposing that no lawmaker be paid if the senate does not pass the budget in three months. president obama's re-election team is becoming a non-profit group dedicated to advancing the second term agenda. you may already be feeling the negative effects from
2:41 pm
obamacare, jobs eliminated. we'll examine it. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to "the five" in new york. ♪ ♪ >> dana: last knight on "red eye," i finally got a chance to go back on "red eye." greg invited me. some people got a tip from me that i passed along that i thought was real. it was about how the department of interior has a new $22,000 renovation about 100 square foot bathroom. in the bathroom is a new $3 ,500 fridge. i explained why here. >> sometimes if you come back from a country after you have had an intestinal problem, keep the toilet paper in the fridge. >> really? >> i heard this. i have never done it myself but i hear it from someone
2:42 pm
that travels a lot i'm close to. >> why do you bring toilet paper from another country? >> no. you keep it in the bathroom so you get home from another country and drink something you shouldn't have you get -- >> no, no, no. i want every detail. i'm not following this. >> this is true. >> the luxury of the bureaucrats is frozen toilet paper? >> dana: okay. so i explain all this. i made a convincing case. i have believed this for 16 years. this segment about how men and women converse differently. i got home and my husband said how was "red eye" taping? it was great. i got to use one of your travel tips. he said dana, that's a joke. so for all of you who thought and last night put your toilet paper in the fridge to try out that experiment, i have to confess, this is the true confessions, greg, i told an untruth. >> greg: amazing. >> dana: peter would always say if you have a hot curry and then you --
2:43 pm
>> andrea: i believed it. i can see it happening. >> bob: give me the shovel. you are digging deeper every sentence. >> dana: why else would you have a fridge in the bathroom? >> greg: you have a toilet in the kitchen. >> eric: no one knew there was a refrigerator in the toilet. >> dana: it was revealed. anyway, the thick is, the segment is -- i have known my husband for 16 years. met an an airplane. he always said this. because he travelled extensively for business i thought because he had had several experiences travelling to places that is what happened. it believed this for 16 years and last night i found out -- >> bob: you have nothing to get yourself out from under this. >> dana: i felt like i had to come clean. >> bob: men versus women? >> dana: you want to say something about it. >> bob: the women speaking three times as much as men is right. i would have made it ten.
2:44 pm
>> dana: aren't you the exception to the rule? >> bob: i'm not. if you have been married -- >> dana: you have been on tv with him for years. don't you think he is the exception to the rule? >> andrea: yes. >> bob: wrong. absolutely wrong. you think i spoke more than you do? >> greg: you speak more than all of us on the show. >> bob: we'll have a word count. >> greg: we did! we did do a word count. >> bob: first, it's four against one. the book "men are from mars and women are from venus." isn't it uranus? >> eric: a twitter follower said that. >> bob: anyway. when i was married -- >> dana: that is a planet. >> bob: i kept dog'reed copy next to the bed. men and women are different. virtually every way. one article we read how men talk for an hour and the wife is amazed they didn't ask about the kids, about the laundry, about the sake of their marriage. c'mon. >> eric: it happened last week. i bumped in to a neighbor that
2:45 pm
used to live next door. they moved. hadn't seen them for two months. bumped in to them. talk to them for 20 minutes. it bumped in to rob today. talked to him for 20. she said how is caruna? i don't know. how is cassidy and the girls? i don't know. >> dana: you didn't do the inventory women would do. >> eric: no. we talked about the giants not being in playoff. we talked about work and tv. important things. >> dana: andrea, with your boyfriend tim, do you recognize that you have big problem in communication or do you work it out? >> andrea: we work it out. i think he talks just as much as i do. but in different ways. when i'm upset i want to talk. when he is upset, he doesn't want to talk. if we go to a restaurant and i don't want to go there i'll say i wonder if this is inspected lately. that is code she doesn't want to go her. he would say i just want to go here. >> dana: after you have been married a while you just say i don't want to go here. >> greg: that is true.
2:46 pm
the issue we are skirting here is alcohol. a change among men and women when they drink. >> bob: for sure. >> greg: women, the voices get higher and louder. alcohol laugh, that could pierce you at a bar. they are telling me we have to go but i'm going to talk about for this for ten minutes. women, if you are drinking don't laugh. >> dana: don't pretend laugh. that is the worst. >> greg: men drink and get sullen. >> andrea: they get gropepy and grabby. >> bob: give a piece of adds vice. if is there is marital bliss on the horizon with tim, keep a shotgun by the bed. >> dana: my gosh. >> andrea: women are meant to be loved not understood. oscar wilde. >> bob: you just nag us all the time. >> dana: bob you won't have time for your segment. parents, it might be better for your kids if you don't pick up the tab for their college education. bob is going to explain when
2:47 pm
we come back. ♪ ♪ o as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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♪ ♪
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>> bob: that is the first song so far in this show that i heard before. if you want your children to succeed in college, you may want to stop paying for their education. according to a new study at the university of california at merced, kids whose parents put them through college actually get worse grades than students who aren't as fortunate, which is to stay that those of us that pay for the kids. i did it for my son who started college. if this is true, kid, go get a student loan. eric, what about you? >> eric: first of all, this is a study of 500 sets of parents. if you look deeper, here is what it is. two-third of college student res receive some financial aid from their parents. that means one-third don't. one-third that doesn't receive aid do better. that would make sense. one-third have to work. probably self-motivated and they realize they are working and better not screw it up
2:52 pm
that two-third saying it's my parent's money. >> bob: two-thirds get -- >> eric: but the study saying that the people who do not receive aid from the parents do better. >> bob: right. one-third who do -- >> eric: they're motivated. apply it to welfare. food stamps. >> dana: i think there is some truth to this. i have someone close to me with student loans. she was worried she would lose a scholarship all she did is study and became r.a. so she was responsible for the residents hall there. there is so much responsibility placed on kids like that. then she had to help take care of the other kids two are basically partying all the time. >> bob: who took care of you. you >> greg: that was moving story. wow! parents paying their kids is not as danieling as college itself. like paying to have your kids in to a cult that teaches them to hate you.
2:53 pm
that is what college is. >> dana: work against everything you built. >> greg: right. daddy is bad and didn't hug you enough. >> bob: after we get through with that ridiculous statement. do you have something to add? >> andrea: i don't know if i necessarily agree with that. i was given a tremendous gift. my parents paid my tuition. but they didn't give me money on top of that. so i had to work all summer and save, which didn't work out very well. or work all year round. which i did. i waitressed at the outback steakhouse and i got other waitressing jobs. >> greg: on cedar crest? >> andrea: yes. blooming onions and boomerangs. i thought the kids that got allowance maybe slacked off. they didn't have to go out and work. i know people had full rides were good students. >> bob: i had zero helped with my parents and i got 2.0001 because i went out with french teacher. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
2:54 pm
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>> greg: one more thing. eric? >> eric: manti teo hit the late night talk circuit. not in person but watch. >> why does a college football player need imaginary girlfriend? math major, sure. but middle linebacker, no it
2:58 pm
doesn't make sense. >> he thought necessary a relationship with a womaned like this but in reality he was in a relationship with a woman looking more like this. >> imaginary girlfriend. but in his defense, present musberger said she was really hot. >> eric: poor guy. give him a break. let's move on. >> dana:be what? >> andrea: okay. earlier in the week i talked about how mitt romney was right during the campaign trail when he said chrysler was going to be moving jeeps to china. it turns out romney was right about something else. take a listen to him talking during one of the debates that got him a lot of mockery from the left. >> we want to make sure we are seeing progress throughout the middle east, mali and north mali taken over by al-qaeda. >> andrea: they laughed at him then for bringing up mali. now al-qaeda moved to mali though the administration says al-qaeda is on the run. we diminished them. no, gaining strength in northern africa. romney right again.
2:59 pm
>> andrea: not president. that is the point. >> dana: i was going to talk about an auction happening tomorrow night at 11:00 p.m. eastern. on speed network. this is a barrett-jackson world greatest collector car auction to benefit fisher house. this is what is going to be auctioned off tomorrow night. president bush's truck, the ford 150 driven around the ranch with mrs. bush. since they left the white house. last year he signed a tractor, jay leno tractor and it got $535,000. tomorrow night's auction is expected to get more. go to you can get tickets or watch it. see if you can benefit the fisher house which helps the military families with a wounded warrior trying to recover. >> eric: he wasn't allowed to take it off the ranch. >> dana: he still can't. that's right. >> andrea: auction that big wheel. still driving that. he >> bob: my favorite movie is well besides "silence of t
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